Clean in Place Unit

A problem frequently encountered in almost all applications is the build-up of deposits on heat transfer surfaces. There is a wide range of cleaning agents suitable for removing most of these troublesome deposits and restoring performance to optimal levels. The time-consuming work of opening plate heat exchangers can thus often be avoided by using a Cleaning in Place (CIP) unit.

Brian A Flynn Ltd has now available the Alfa Laval CIP 200 portable Clean in Place unit

CIP units can be used for all types of heat exchangers, including spiral heat exchangers, shell-and-tube heat exchangers and gasketed, welded and brazed plate heat exchangers.

CIP units are a cost-effective way to achieve better performance, and the cleaning agents used are, of course, environmentally friendly

In addition to boosting the performance of all kinds of heat exchangers, cleaning agents extend the operating time between cleaning cycles as well as prolonging the overall lifetime of the heat exchangers, without damaging the plates or gaskets

Features & benefits

  1. Connected directly to inlet and outlet. This avoids any need to open the heat exchanger, which in turn minimizes downtime and prolongs the working life of the gasket
  2. All wetted parts in the operating unit, as well as the pump and valves, are made of AISI 316 stainless steel to ensure maximum working life
  3. High-quality equipment that is CE marked and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards
  4. Rapid cleaning at optimal temperatures, due to built-in heater (standard equipment) operating on electricity or steam, as required


CIP units are simplicity itself:

  1. Connect the CIP unit to the heat exchanger
  2. Mix the cleaning agent with water in the tank
  3. Heat it up
  4. Circulate the cleaning solution a couple of hours
  5. Drain and rinse
  6. Disconnect the CIIP unit
  7. The heat exchanger is back to full performance

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